CSR Initiative: Tree Plantation involving MBA Student - IIBS

Posted by Prof. Rubina Chettri On 07/11/2017 06:15:20

Making Bangalore a Little Greener by IIBS MBA Student

To understand and experience the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among the students.

The plantation event took place at nearby village B.K Palya, as it was sponsored by Shell Company the village Govt. officials. Students were instructed first how to plant trees and then was given an opportunity to plant more than 45 saplings along with the BDM of SHELL Company and her colleagues. Everyone was excited and eager to participate after we finished the govt. officials thanked the BDM of SHELL Company and IIBS College for the support.

Everyone experienced the work for social responsibility and is waiting for getting a chance to do it again. We thank IIBS for giving us the opportunity and our faculty members Dr. H Prabhakar and Prof. Rubina Chettri for executing this event.


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