Eximius 2019: IIM Bangalore's Entrepreneurship Summit - IIBS

Posted by Prof. Manoranjan HP On 16/08/2019 15:15:47

Entrepreneurship Summit of IIM Bangalore, scheduled from 9th to 11th August 2019 is a summit comprising of events, workshops and speaker sessions packed with excellence and innovation. Organized by Govt. of Karnataka in collaboration with ACT FiberNet, Wipro and Servify. Delegates from diverse backgrounds including Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, consultants, Faculties, corporate professionals, 2000 Students from Various College has Participated in the E-SUMMIT. Prof. Manoranjan HP and Prof. Gunashekaran N from IIBS Bangalore participated in the E-Summit.

Panel Discussion: Prof. Nilam Kaushik, Assistant Professor IIM-Bangalore welcomed the Delegates. Mr. Manan Chandan Associate Directive, New Initiatives And Sr Product Manager, HealthiFyme  And  Ms Vaishnavi Reddy, Co-Founder, Brand story.in; Founder and CEO, Origin UI/UX Studio,  Designer, Madura Fashion Life Style  spoke about the “Move Into Product Leadership Roles By Building Actionable Entrepreneurship Skillset (Product Tech Data).


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