Grab the chance to stand out of the thousands who have already made through MBA Admission

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 28/04/2017 07:29:46

The introduction part to any MBA admission committee could be tricky As You need to express and speak your thoughts.
Think of possible questions that you might be put up to. Remain calm and focused during your introduction can be a total game changer. The interviewer has already gone through your resume but wants to know how you think about yourself in a competitive market.

LOOK FOR GRATITUDE WITH AN ATTITUDE. The candidate now needs to highlight his or her accomplishments such as the projects they have worked on and future prospects to the MBA admission committee. The prime reason of the question “why” by the interviewer has to be reasoned by you for your good future prospects and to get admission in top management school.

How to prepare yourself:

  1. The answers to the MBA admission committee should not be more than 2- 3 minutes long. This will highlight your strengths and you will be able to answer several times to the interviewer.
  2. Do not summarize everything that you have done at every job, but briefly discuss the moves that you have made from one job to another.
  3. If you have no prior work experience, then highlight your core strength at various management positions that will show your flexibility to move from one position to another.
  4. Brief out the responsibilities prior to the question “why an MBA”? From the interviewer.
  5. Explain them few real-time situations where you took a major responsibility in an organization and lead a successful win-win situation.
  6. Do not rehash everything on your resume not required. Remember the interviewer has already read your resume thoroughly.
  7. Stay focused and don’t bog down into many details as the interviewer might not be willing to know.
  8. Always end up the discussion with “I like to”, this will give an impression that you are willing to grow and learn ahead.

Additional things to remember:

In case you are asked the question of “tell me about yourself”, then stay brief on your work experience and give details on your background education. Interesting information about your hometown, school and why you choose IIBS as your MBA option. In this way you will give the interviewer a better understanding on your personal details; both past and future.



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