How to start a career with MBA in Business Analytics?

Posted by Dr. Rajasulochana On 19/02/2022 11:02:41

While we look around and observe how our world is expanding, expansion in the digital space is exponential. With voluminous consumers, the data generated is multi-fold with every passing day. Here comes business analytics to the rescue. At the International Institute of Business Studies, Bangalore, we have realized how data analytics is building its own spectrum and so the need for specialization in the same.

It is the most sought-after and promising career specialization available while opting for an MBA program at IIBS. Coming from one of the top international MBA colleges, it has lots to offer.

If you are anywhere close to opting for this stream, we are here to help! Let’s understand how can you start a career in business analytics at IIBS:

  • Research, learn, and keep yourself updated about the subject through books and newspapers.
  • There is the latest data and information available online. Apart from that, there are various open forums and communities where tremendous knowledge sharing happens. Become a regular part of it and see yourself emerging in this field.
  • There is training material ready-to-use that’s available online to hone your analytics skill. Practice them.
  • Connect to people from the business analytics sphere and absorb information from them. They could be your best and primary source to a wonderful career in analytics.
  • Attend industry expos and forums which promote analytics, its tools, and various other allied information. You may just get connected to the right person you have been looking for a breakthrough as a mentor!
  • Last but not the least, this segment requires you to be on your toes, literally. So be proactive and engage in the right way for maximum benefit.

Analytics – Here we come!


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