How to Teach Sales and Marketing for MBA students of IIBS?

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 15/07/2017 05:47:28

Have you heard about a theory for sales or marketing? there is no theory, No book which can teach how to sell in MBA, it's all about your confidence and your smartness, and confidence and smartness come when you face difficult situations and emerge as a winner, At IIBS we do exactly the same.

All teams were successful in terms of selling their products. The student has currently understood however necessary it's to be sensible and sharp in terms of finding the potential customer and the way innovative one has to be in terms of pitching the product to the purchasers. And currently have the boldness to hit the market and sell something, anytime, anywhere.

Such is that the means of teaching methodology at IIBS, wherever each topic is educated through associated activity or a task.


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