IIBS Rotaract Office Bearers Installation Program

On 29/06/2018 14:10:25

On 6th June 2018, IIBS Rotaract office Bearers (Charter of IIBS Rotaract) Installation Program was organized at IIBS Bangalore Airport Campus. The program was anchored by Rtr. Imtimeren Pongener and Rtr. Sonali Dey, Jt. Secretary.

The session started with the lighting of the lamp followed by the inauguration of the IIBS Rotaract Club by Rtn.  Sarabjit Singh, President of Rotary Yelahanka, Rtn. Brij Mohan, President-Elect 2018-19, Rotary Yelahnaka, Rtn. Rashmi, President-Elect 2018-19, Rotary Heritage - NCC - NCC, Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, Dean and Rotaractors of IIBS Installation of the Charter Office Bearers was performed by Rtn. Sarabjit Singh followed by the installation of the Charter Members by Rtn. Rashmi T, President-Elect 2018-19, Rotary Heritage - NCC and other Rotarians who were present on the occasion.

Rtn. Sarabjit Singh, Pres. Rotary Yelahanka, presented the IIBS Rotaract Charter Certificate to Prof.  Kuldeep Sharma, Dean, Rtr. Pres. Rahul Parashar and Rtr. Kavya, Vice President, IIBS Rotaract.

Community Village Children Education Program Project launch:

The Rotaract year 2018-19 Project was launched by Vice President Rtr. Kavya and informed that the focus of IIBS Rotaractors would be to impart knowledge to community village children by visiting nearby village school children.

Vice President Rtr. Kavya announced as the project initiation, launch of “Community Village Children Education Program” IIBS Rotaract is donating “Note Books” to Karahalli Government High School, Devanahalli.  Head Master Mr. Prasanna, Karahalli Government High School received the notebooks from Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, Dean.

Rtn. Prof. Dr. Muralidhar, Former Vice-Chancellor of Pvt University, Fuji installed Clubs Services Director Rtr. Ranita Kundu, Later Rtr. Ranita Kundu presented IIBS Rotaract year 2018-19 plans & perspective. Rtn. Prof. Sundari Muralidhar installed Rtn. Aishwarya Bidri as Professional Services Director.  Rtr. Aishwarya Bidri presented plans of Professional services for R Y 2018-2019.

Rtn. Mini Pushkar, Vocational Services Director, Rotary Heritage - NCC - NCC installed Rtr. Ashwin Benn as IIBS Rotaract International services director.  Later Rtr. Ashwin Benn presented IIBS Rotactact plans during 2018-19 for collaborating with other National and International Rotaract clubs as an effort to initiate IIBS Rotaract long-term goal of reaching out to Rotaract Clubs the especially USA.

The Secretary of IIBS Rotaract Club Rtr.Boopesh Thanked IIBS Chairman Dr. JayPrakash Sir and Prof. Rizan Ali Baig sir for approving to initiate our IIBS Rotaract, at Muthugahalli campus, Bangalore, Rtn. Sarabjit Singh, President, Rotary Yelahanka & Rotary Yelahanka team and Rtn Rashmi T, Pres., Elect 2018-19, Rotary Heritage - NCC - NCC and Rotary Heritage - NCC Team for supporting to charter our IIBS Rotaract.  The IIBS Rotaract program was initiated & coordinated by Prof. Dr. Prakash A and Prof.Rubina Chettri.

The session concluded with all the members present, singing the national anthem. 


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