IIBS’ ‘learning by experience’ initiative

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 18/11/2016 01:54:05

It is universally accepted that ‘experience is the mother of wisdom’. While it is true in all walks of life, its relevance in management studies is simply irreplaceable. Because MBA graduates are expected to be operating in pragmatic world soon after their academic stints, a prior experience of business world is a must. The lack of such experience is often the cause of interview failures in most of the job interviews. Notwithstanding your academic credentials, it is your practical know-how that gets you on board.

Because of its priority in securing jobs, it is pertinent that B-Schools incorporate such experiential learning in their curriculum. International Institute of Business Studies-IIBS has shown commendable initiative to introduce its students to the nuances of corporate whilst they pursuing their MBA. It is a conscious effort to test & apply their theoretical knowledge in real business scenarios.  Usually, the exercise takes the form of projects in chosen management domains, wherein teams of students observe, study and prepare factual reports of their experience over a period of 3 to 4 weeks. Throughout the course of learning, students get to interact with senior management of the sponsoring companies.

So far IIBS’ students have been to leading FMCG, Information Technology, Financial Services, Real Estate companies as part of their ‘learning by experience’ program. While they have been richer by experience, they have also helped their sponsoring companies improve their perspective to their respective business operations. Therefore, International Institute of Business Studies-IIBS has been a praiseworthy management institute.


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