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Posted by Prof. Sushmitha TP On 09/02/2022 11:46:55

The stock market can serve as a major or secondary source of revenue. The stock market is used by investors to increase their wealth. Before investing in the stock market, a fundamental and technical study of the stock should be conducted in order to obtain high returns in a short period of time. Investors should also be aware of how news affects the stock market so that they can prevent losing money or profiting. MBA in data analytics in Bangalore

Fundamental analysis studies and assesses a company's value by looking at its economic and financial records, such as liabilities, assets, and expenses, among other things. When performing fundamental analysis, a person may employ a top-down or bottom-up strategy. Fundamental analysis is used by many sectors of investors to forecast the future growth of stock while keeping their investment horizon in mind. Many analysts employ ratios like EPS, ROE, ROI, and P/E ratio, which leads to the conclusion that fundamental research, which incorporates both qualitative and quantitative data, is preferable for long-term investing. MBA Bangalore

Technical analysis is a technique for forecasting future earnings by looking at past performance and patterns. Moving averages and MACD (moving averages and convergence/divergence) are two successful indicators. The goal of technical analysis is to forecast the future.

Recent trends demonstrate that both fundamental and technical analyses are less effective than news or social media communication. Rumors, company news, and other information are spread through the media. Instagram, newspapers, media, Facebook, and other forms of mass media are examples. Even more than fundamental and technical analysis, mass media communication has a substantial association with stock buys and sells. This information, which is disseminated through the media, has a powerful psychological impact on traders and investors. Working in the local media and exchanging information usually reflects the amount of money invested in the area. Traders' and investors' emotions are affected by good or bad news from a company's management, which might cause them to change their minds.

Investors' mindsets alter as a result of the news. It has a favorable or negative impact on the stock market. People usually sell equities when they hear bad news. A lower profit than expected, a pandemic, and political uncertainty all lead to selling, resulting in a drop in the price of a specific company or a negative impact on the entire market. Positive news usually prompts investors to buy equities. The favorable earnings report, the excellent economic climate, and the stable political situation all result in a big volume of buying and an increase in stock prices or have a beneficial effect on the entire market. Negative news for one stock may be interpreted favorably for another stock in the same field or in rivalry with it. MBA admission in Bangalore 2022

To conclude, Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and news analysis, have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. News has a physiological effect on investors or traders, and so has a greater influence over their investing or trading than fundamental or technical analysis. The investor can predict their stock using these parameters, but profit is not always guaranteed by any of the aforementioned methods, and there is always a risk in investing in the stock market, regardless of how much analysis the investor conducts, but those investors are in a better position than other investors or traders.


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