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Posted by Prof. Dr. Dinesh Mahajan On 22/05/2023 10:26:55

Introduction to Research: When we think of research, we often think of analysing scholarly information. But if you are involved in any kind of business operation, research will help you gather the necessary data for your industry to be successful. The research is concerned with acquiring details in all aspects of the business, then using scientific methods to break the information down. Results from the findings would then be distributed through various mediums, such as reports, presentations, and strategic initiatives. Often, research is done in many forms and conducted internally or by an external consultant or firm. The main reason for such research is to help businesses grow in terms of revenue, market share, and brand value. A lack of it would lead to inadequate information and unreliable findings, thus resulting in poor decisions made. mba in data science in bangalore

Importance of Research in Business: The main points of importance of research in business are as follows:

1. Builds Credibility: It helps in building the credibility of the business. The customers should not be purchasing products with the benefit of the doubt. Having sufficient facts from valuable data provides a solid foundation for findings and leaves them with lesser room for contemplation. mba it colleges in bangalore

2. Better Understanding of Customers: Marketing research with the use of online surveys can help you quickly and efficiently collect data from a vast group of people. In order to understand who exactly is benefiting from your products and services, you can choose to send out a survey that would ask questions regarding their demographic. best mba colleges in bangalore

3. Provides the latest information and updates: Change happens constantly and it is important to keep up with trends. Having research set in place keeps the business well-informed to relay the best information and meet customer demands.

4. Minimizes Loss: By first sending out surveys to consumers, you are saving your company a lot of money. This is because you can already pinpoint the potential issues that could arise before you even launch a new product or service. After making the necessary changes, you can confidently release products that you know consumers will enjoy. In the case of a pre-existing product, you could send out surveys to help you find points of improvement in each one. By catering to the concerns of the consumers, it increases the chance of a product’s success. mba colleges in bangalore

5. Identifies Problem Areas: With research your business can better observe the points of improvement in each of your departments. If you opt to release a survey meant for the consumers, you can better see what factors of your products and services need to be improved upon. If you release a survey meant for your employees, then you can better see the point of improvement that you can do within your current business processes. You can create necessary improvements, by identifying problem areas. top mba colleges in bangalore

6. Beneficial in Comparative Studies: In order be a step above your competitors, you need to offer something unique to your consumers. If you observe that their sales are increasing at a relatively faster rate than yours, it may be due to a number of factors. In order to discover what exactly makes their company run more smoothly than yours, you could compare the data that you received from your market research with the growth of your competitors. Then, adapt to this knowledge by making the necessary changes to your current business practices.

Conclusion: The research gives your business the opportunity to further improve upon current practices from sales to manufacturing and even to employee handling. Besides this, you can use the data you have obtained about your business in order to compare how well you are faring against competitor companies. With this information, you can better improve your products and services to give you a competitive advantage. Thus, it is evident that research is of utmost importance when driving a business to higher growth and avoiding mistakes in the process.

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