Inaugural Ceremony of Agri-Club at IIBS | ABM college in Bangalore

Posted by Prof. Susmitha TP On 27/08/2022 05:56:45

The Agri-Business Management students who founded the Agri-club with the help of Dr. G. N. Nagaraj, Prof. Mangala V. Reddy, and Prof. Archana organized its official launch on August 24th at IIBS. Prof. N. S. R. Murthy, IIBS's Registrar, and Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, IIBS's Director, carried out the club's official inauguration. Dr. K. T. Vijaya Kumar, an assistant professor in the department of apiculture at the GKVK in Bengaluru, was the chief guest. Together, the dignitaries unveiled the Agri-Club logo.

The chief guest spoke about "Conserving Honeybees" in his speech. The session began with a fundamental overview of honeybees, including their scientific name, species, and life cycle. Additionally, he spoke about honeybee dance, products made by honey bees, and hives. The speaker also provided information on starting a honeybee-keeping business. The Q&A session, where faculty and students were eager to get answers to their questions, made the talk even more interesting. The questions concerned "sterile honeybees, removing colonies from apartments and having them reappear immediately the following day, the purity check, shelf life, and honey crystallization.

A fun quiz based on honeybees was conducted for everyone by the Agri Club coordinators at the conclusion of the session. Then, to taste and feel the difference between branded honey that we buy from supermarkets and pure one, they actively distributed honey that was obtained from UAS, GKVK.

 The main objectives of the Agri-Club are;

  • To conduct activities pertaining to agriculture and related industries.
  •  To assist students in receiving hands-on training.
  • To stay current with trends and facts and figures in agribusiness.
  • To connect alumni to Agri companies.
  • To encourage students to conduct research on current trends in agriculture and its practices.?



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