Industry Interface at IIBS : Bridge between Industries and Student

On 21/01/2018 06:12:16

Bangalore : Unlike any other faculty of learning, Management education is unique in as far as industry-orientation is concerned. Given the high levels of deliberation & negotiations in the corporate diaspora, it is prerogative that responsible B-Schools expose their students to maximum industry interaction before they assume practical mantle in business world. Thus industry interface has become a vital cog in transforming academicians into professionals of caliber. Industry interface is virtually a practical exercise to orchestrate business-critical roles in a way that is acceptable to evolving standards in competitive business eco-system. Needless to say, companies would easily absorb those MBA students with a fair degree of industry knowledge.

In view of its vital importance, International Institute of Business Studies-IIBS has emphasized on industry interface as part of its holistic management education. Teaching at IIBS is vastly practical and intensive; with ample scope for constant connect with industry leaders who have substantial experience in industry as well as academic circle. The dedicated wing at IIBS serves to bridge that gap between industry and academics through

The academia-industry interface is a concerted effort to bridge the gap between the industry and the student community through expressive collaboration with leading business organizations. It is a deliberative effort to treat students to a highly stimulating experience, which would transform them to be aware of business dynamics. The IIBS Industry Interface Wing has director who supervises & coordinates various facets of industry-connect. The wing is responsible for advising students of proper choice of career and prospective employers. It streamlines the employability through Summer Placements before the actual Final Placements. It also helps students in choosing the right research projects based on their intrinsic capabilities. Because of such well-thought-out approach, students at IIBS end up selecting projects that would pave way for coveted placements in leading multinational organizations.

Thus, with a 360-degree approach encompassing academic, mentoring, summer internship, dissertation, guest lectures, and industry visits International Institute of Business Studies-IIBS qualifies to be a top B-School in the country.


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