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The emergence and development of blockchain technology, which is able to transform into “a most powerful disruptive innovation”, shall definitely concern universities. Blockchain technology meets the challenges that both the system of higher education and the entire society are currently facing. Advantages of blockchain technology are decentralized open data, the absence of forgeries, safe storage of information, and reduction of transaction expenses related to data checkups, control, and verification. MBA in Bangalore

Blockchain Technology and Higher Education

Nowadays the world system of education is undergoing substantial changes related to the development of new technologies and the digitalization of the educational environment. Education is becoming mass and personalized simultaneously. Professional education is expected to apply digital technologies. 

An advantage of digital educational technologies is that personalized education becomes possible. The influence exerted upon a student’s “digital personality” makes it possible to enhance the quality of education and increase the share of students who complete their studies successfully. 

The technologies of digital education make it possible to monitor how well a student has mastered new knowledge and skills, and correct the learning process promptly; education becomes more personalized and authenticated. MBA in Business Analytics

Factors of Blockchain Relevant to Higher Education

  1. Decentralized processes of information storage and processing: Each network participant stores all the recorded information. It makes it possible to create geographically distributed networks. 
  2. Unchangeable data: Blockchain allows verification of the entire information sequence at any time.
  3.  Tracking of transactions: The entire contents of transactions are readable for any network participant, but access to change other participants’ records is impossible without a special key 
  4. Mechanism of consensus: The participants maintain the network themselves. It implies mutual maintenance of all the nodes of the blockchain network. It helps resolve such issues as the risk of manipulation of data; it does not require a third party’s interference. 

Influence of Blockchain on the Education Sector

  1. Issue and storage of degrees and diplomas: This is the most widely spread field in which the influence of blockchain technology is found in education. College websites can verify certificates, which allows an independent data checkup. 
  2. Identification solutions: Students and faculty of large universities need to identify themselves on a regular basis. Each unit of an institution collects students’ data for itself or applies the single-sign-on technology. Applying biometric information on any electronic device (e.g. a smartphone), a student may identify himself/herself with any university unit, e.g. the local library or canteen; those units do not need to store or look through that student’s personal data. 
  3. Protection of intellectual property: Nowadays blockchain is widely applied in the field of intellectual property. Applying this technology, one can record the fact and the moment of the creation of an object of intellectual property. Blockchain technology has no alternatives when it comes to intellectual property rights for digital records. 
  4.  Network of cooperation between students and their professors: A majority of universities apply the technologically extended classroom-teaching model. New technologies change this approach. Lifelong education is becoming accessible, personalized, and methodologically urgent. 
  5. Accreditation of educational institutions: The application of blockchain to verify accreditation is under consideration. Accredited organizations can create and publish “verifiers” on their own websites, which will allow any user to upload their diploma and verify whether it was indeed issued by an accredited institution, as well as publish issued diplomas in a public registry. 

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