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Posted by Prof Manoranjan H P On 13/06/2022 12:05:02

Communication is the key thing that sets human beings apart from all the other animals. The human ability to communicate at a very sophisticated level has enabled us to build civilizations and develop advanced technologies. Technology has increased incrementally since then and there have been huge leaps in communications technologies, such as the Internet. MBA program in Bangalore

This article provides a critical viewpoint on the potential drawbacks and dilemmas associated with the use of electronic communication in interpersonal communication by illustrating various cases of interpersonal communication that rely on modern technology.

To begin with, tremendous advancements in communications technology have resulted in increasing quantity but lower quality of communication. The way we communicate is evolving rapidly because of technological advancements. While technology has made it easier for people to connect with others, it has also created the potential for less effective and formal kinds of communication. The effectiveness of modern communication has decreased as communication technology has evolved.

As a result, the argument arises as to whether quality communication existed at one time and was subsequently eradicated by technical innovation, or whether technology has made individuals appreciate the value of quality in interpersonal communication. Effective communication has been defined as involving only a small group of people who have the ability to interact exclusively with each other and thus have the opportunity and ability to customize their messages to meet the particular needs of their recipients and receive immediate interpretations and replies.

Moreover, electronic communication also has negative impacts on language skills. In the struggle to educate the next generation, literacy, creativity, and thinking are all being impacted by technology communication. Language is shortened and cannibalized. MBA course in Bangalore

Another disadvantage of Information technology is that many individuals feel isolated rather than connected, despite the fact that we are now able to contact an increasing number of people via various technologies.


Although technology has made communication easier, it has also resulted in less formal and effective modes of communication. In today's globalized world, individuals are becoming increasingly connected as technology advancements advance at a breakneck pace. However, as a result of the new technologies that have emerged as a result of the information age, people are becoming increasingly alienated from their families and friends. Our lives have gotten more impersonal as a result of the improvement in communication. Technology has had a negative impact on society and has reduced the effectiveness of interpersonal communication.

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