International Institute of Business Studies ranking makes it one of the best MBA colleges in Bangalore

Posted by Bansh On 23/02/2017 06:46:20

Business School Ranking is an accepted yard-stick to judge B-Schools’ credibility vis-à-vis various parameters –

student/faculty ratio,

graduate and alumni salaries,

number of full-time professors,

tuition fees, notable alumni,


library holdings,

student gratification and so on.

Every year, credible print and online sources compile their own researched report cards on their performance. Barring a few variations, most rankings end up giving B-Schools the places they truly deserve. And, International Institute of Business Studies is one such B-School that has not only been deserving a worthy place in the ranking but also consistently been holding on to creditable for the last few years. Just to support this claim, International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) is ranked 3rd amongst the Bangalore B-Schools, and 10th amongst private B-Schools in India.

Considering International Institute of Business Studies relatively recent emergence, the rankings speak of its unique value propositions that have propelled it to places that it currently holds. And. It is obvious that such value-based management education is brought about by conscious vision and resource deployment to inspire students to be catalytic agents in corporate world.

To begin with, International Institute of Business Studies has a galaxy of celebrated names in the teaching faculty, professors, eminent scholars, and renowned academicians from diverse business backgrounds – a prominent factor for its impressive ranking in Bangalore as well as All India category.

Second, it offers international as well as domestic students one of the most inviting places to pursue their careers. Offering possibly the widest range of management specializations to choose from, International Institute of Business Studies also enhances the learning experiences with access to a state- of-the art electronic library, IT infrastructure, easy educational loans and scholarship and a very friendly and supportive educational staff.

Third, apart from offering the best in educational services, it also has student accommodation & amenities that are comparable to the best in India as well as abroad. On top of it, there are always the world class sports facilities and the coolest cafeteria to hang out and decide whether any other universities would match up to such standards.

Most significantly, International Institute of Business Studies has strong link with corporate world, which helps derive corporate knowledge and internships for its students before they fully become confident to respond to real corporate challenges.

By virtue of possessing such integral features, International Institute of Business studies has consistently been finding a meritorious place in B-School Ranking, which has really made it one of the best colleges for MBA aspirants.


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