International Tour to boost MBA students’ confidence

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 24/10/2016 05:22:11

It is often said that management education is best learnt outside the confines of a classroom. No doubt, the theoretical foundation is a basic necessity for MBA aspirants. Yet, unless it is complemented with an outside exposure, it would be a futile exercise. Ask any successful MBA graduate as to where he learned management traits, the answer would invariably through practical exposure. And, how does one get such exposure? Of course, it is through an international tour to prominent business destinations.

International Tour has become a vital ingredient in a successful completion of MBA course because the very nature of business has become global. The advantage it brings is that it enables students to understand cultural differences and obtain diverse knowledge on global business places. The result is that they become richer in knowledge and prepared for the real test of the corporate world, which is heterogeneous in nature. Now the question is: do all B-Schools provide this all-important exposure to their students. Majority of them do, while a few may not.

Most of the prominent B-schools are affiliated to certain global destinations. The advantage such affiliations bring is that it provides recognition & global network for students to visit and exchange their views with their counterparts in such networked institutes. It sure serves as the boost to their confidence and platform for practical learning in real global business places. International Institute of Business Studies-IIBS too has shown interest in orienting its students to international exposure. So far, students have been led to Thailand, where students have interacted with leading B-Schools there while also soaking in the vibrant business atmosphere.


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