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Posted by Prof. Anantha Murthy N K On 27/11/2021 05:54:45

The authority delegation refers to the division of labor and decision-making responsibility to an individual that reports to a leader or manager of the organization. It is the organizational process of a manager dividing their own work among all their staff members. It involves giving them the responsibility to accomplish the tasks that are delegated to them in the way they see fit. Along with responsibility, they also share the corresponding amount of authority. This ensures that tasks can be completed efficiently and that the individual feels actually responsible for their completion of the task. Delegation is about entrusting another individual to do parts of your job and to accomplish them successfully to meet the objective of the organization. Mba institutes in Bangalore

The following are the strategies that can use in the delegation process which reflects a Good Management strategy for the organization.

1. Preparation of plan
Before starting of a formal delegation process, take the time to think about the task and decide who you’ll delegate to and what outcomes you want. Also, identify a goal and purpose for the delegated functions . Finally, your goal will determine the approach you are working with the task
2. Discuss about the task to be delegated
According to Alex Cavoulacos, the founder of The Muse, says: “When you select people to delegate to, tell them why you chose them specifically and how you hope to see this help them grow.” Bangalore MBA top colleges

Most of the time engage the employee in a specific conversation about the task you want to delegate. Then make sure you both are in agreement regarding the task and about the outcome of what you are looking for it. This will really be useful to set expectations and state the quality of work that needs to be completed.

3. Identify the deadline for completion of the task 
This is particularly important when delegating a stretch goal or something the person has not done before the deadlines given, Incase If you think the employee might need some revision time, build it upfront. This really ensures that you do not end up at the deadline with an outcome that is different from the one you wanted. While setting the deadline for the task, consider where the delegated task fits in with the person’s existing job responsibilities and Make sure your deadline is realistic and achievable. MBA hospital management colleges in Bangalore

4.  Prepare Outline of the level of authority
Clearly outline the level of authority you want the person to have. Different levels of authority include the following.
Recommendation: If the high risk is associated with the task or the person has little experience, you may ask the person for a recommendation on a strategy that supports organization's mission. But you make the final decision.
Inform and take initiatations. If the moderate risk is associated with the task and the person has some experience, the person will inform you before they take action.
Act. The person is given full authority to act on his or her own if either the risk associated with the task is low or the person has plenty of experience.

5. Build Monitoring mechanism
 Organizations should set regular checkpoints right at the beginning to provide support and follow-ups. You can use checkpoints to review of the work and give feedback or even provide encouragement to motivate employees. MBA admission 2021 in bangalore
6. Debriefing of the delegated Authority 
The final debriefing of the delegated authority of tasks consists of a two-way discussion about how the delegated task went. 
Debriefing involves a mutual inquiry of:
1. Ask the employee to reflect on their own performance on the task or project. It helps to ask questions, such as what they thought went well, what they thought could have been better about the project, and what they would do differently if they could do it again.
2. Provide the feed back on how you think they completed the task or not.
3. Provide feedback on the performance of an employee as a delegator. 

So finally Authority delegation is a good management strategy that is eventually needed for any organization to discover a new path for making the right decision at right time and ensuring the meeting of the objectives of the company or organization.

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