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Posted by Prof. Manoranjan R On 17/11/2021 08:17:50

MOTIVATION is ensuring an appreciation of the behaviours of workers in an organization by providing an environment in which people can satisfy their human needs through their work and working environments.

Managers in all types of organizations are continually faced with the problem of vast differences that exist in the performance or output of individual workers. Some employees often perform at a high level and need little or no supervision and appear to enjoy what they are doing. Other employees perform only marginal levels and require constant attention and direction and are often absent from their duty posts. The reasons for these differences in performance are varied and complex, involving the nature of the jobs, the behaviour of the manager and the characteristics of workers. The big question is, how can the manager maintain the high performance of the first group and also increase those producing marginally, when it comes to being highly productive on the job, performing with little or direction and being a real contributor to the organization.

The motivational tools the company or any organization uses in the management of its human resources. Some of the ways in which they motivate their workers to include.

Training and Development:  The importance of staff development in any organization cannot be over-emphasized. A training scheme teaches the relevance of jobs and motivations are the necessary skills to apply.

Incentive-Based Motivation: An incentive is a motivating influence that is designed to drive behaviour and motivate employees to produce quality work. Employers use several types of incentives to increase production numbers. Employee incentives come in a variety of forms including paid time off, bonuses, cash and travel perks. Incentives drive employee motivation because they offer workers more to strive for than a regular paycheck.

Recognition and Rewards: Many employees need recognition from their employers to produce quality work. Recognition and employee reward systems identify employees who perform their jobs well. Acknowledging a job well done makes employees feel good and encourages them to do good things. Employers recognize workers by tracking progress and providing feedback about how they have improved over time. Public recognition is also a motivating factor that drives worker productivity. Some employers encourage fellow employees to issue "shout-outs" for good work. Moreover, perks like food and parties can also be a nice way to recognize good work.

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