Heart and Soul of Body (Food and Exercise) | Karnataka PGCET 2021 - MBA Admissions

Posted by Dr. Samiya Mubeen On 09/11/2021 10:36:41

Food and exercise are some of the most important things in our day-to-day life and which also determine our personality. Not only exercise can bring timely changes in our body but also food. In order to keep yourself in the best possible shape, to attain a healthy mind, and a beautiful soul. We need to be careful in our daily routine which includes food and exercise. Firstly, we shall focus on the diet plan, generally, consumption of food three times a day with healthy proportions is necessary. In which we can include cereal & grains (4-6 servings in a day), fruits & vegetables (2-4 serving in a day) these can be preferable in the afternoon and evening time. The reason for including fruits and vegetables in our diet plan is knowing their important role and essentiality to our body. Calcium and iron requirements can be fulfilled by consumption of products like milk, yoghurt, and vitamins requirements will be completed by eggs and nuts. Including food products like meat, fish, fats, oils will set up a good diet plan. Karnataka PGCET 2021 - MBA Admissions 

Exercise is our primary partner which goes hand-in-hand with our secondary partner that is food/diet. Generally, exercise includes simple home workouts, jogging, aerobics, swimming, yoga, any kind of sport which indulges physical strain. To make it short and confined Man is a physical, mental, spiritual being. I promote yoga that helps to develop all these three in a more effective way rather than physical exercise like gym/aerobics assure only physical wellbeing, they have very little to do with the development of the spiritual or Astral body.

Yoga basically is not a Religion, it is a way of living. Considering our body as a machine, exercise and food are two main elements that act as fuel to run our machine. To run a machine at optimum level yoga will be our best choice. Exercise increases flexibility, muscle strength, and body tone. It also reduces stress and tension in the physical body. Apart from all these benefits yoga promotes self-healing, harmony, equilibrium, and removes negative blocks from the mind and toxins from the body. It also manages anxiety, stress which indeed enhances our personal power, self-awareness, it helps in developing concentration, focus and attention. Biologically It plays a crucial role in boosting our energy and also focuses on respiration, vitality and also activity parasympathetic nervous system.


 According to my, a healthy diet means “Eat right, right amount and at right time”, yoga can be a good supporter to reach our goal. April Valley, says “The ultimate goal of yoga is to help the individual to transcend the self and attain enlightenment”. Summing up the whole thing, diet and exercise are interconnected which provides a healthy body and mind that makes us a better and stronger beings who can tackle the cycle of life.


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