Know how to prepare for GD/PI program of top B-Schools?

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 21/06/2017 07:16:23

Crack your Top B-schools calls with GD & PI Programs. Before the screening of face to face interview with the students, you need to shine from the rest in your GD rounds. GD round is a mass elimination, hence being skilled at your communication and choosing the right word can change the entire game for you.

Once you are lucky enough to get saved from the GD round, here comes the nervous round of the facing the interviewer in your PI round. Both these rounds will be judged on how to present you as a whole package.

Here are few smart tips to crack your GD (Group Discussion) & PI (Personal Interview) rounds:

What skills are judged for GD (Group Discussion) round?

  1. Communication is the magic stick that will do wonders in any GD round; if you use your words rightly and clearly without taking too much of time.
  2. Interaction with the group in a GD is a key element. Hence, give chance to others too as they speak. Do not interrupt any candidate.
  3. Your listening skill needs to be sharp in GD, so that you can pick up the topic forward where one stops.
  4. Always put your views forward but don’t take too long to prove your point.
  5. During your GD, leadership and analytical skill is put to test. Therefore use your words and actions wisely.
  6. Never share your views by giving stats; this could land you in deep problem in case your figures are wrong.
  7. Keep an eye to eye contact with others as you converse in a GD.
  8. Try and initiate the GD. Make sure you bring then discussion to a right track in case any candidate diverts the topic of the GD.
  9. Don’t go into too much detail, be precise, crisp and clear about your thoughts.
  10. Dress formally and smartly as first impression is the last impression.

What skills are required for PI (Personal Interview) round?

  1. A PI is the last round to evaluate the candidate well. These tests also try to understand the candidate’s interest, motivation, aspirations etc.
  2. Besides formal etiquettes like formal dressing, punctuality and your overall performance. PI round can make or break you to get into B schools.
  3. You should be well prepared with basic ‘must know questions’ like why MBA? , how will it relate to your goal?,   why do you want to join this particular MBA institute?
  4. Besides this, you can be questioned on your hobbies and interests in your PI round.
  5. During your PI round the most important element is staying confident while answering your interviewer.
  6. Be honest to yourself and to the interviewer while you try to justify yourself at any point of time during your PI round.
  7. Being polite to your interviewer also brings a positive impression and can favor your PI selection process.
  8. Drive the interview towards your strength and strong areas which you are comfortable to talk on.
  9. Your body language and approach during your PI should reflect positivity.
  10. The interviewer can tend to pick up topics based on the information jotted.

On the whole staying confident in GD & PI rounds will surely open doors for your bright future.


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