MBA after Engineering (B.Tech / B.E.) : The Pros and Cons

Posted by IIBS Business School On 10/04/2017 01:58:08

The numbers of students who are choosing the combination of MBA after Engineering (B.Tech / B.E.) are many. Completed your B.Tech degree? Are you confused about whether pursuing an MBA would be a good idea or not? Any post-graduation course you take up must provide value to your career by helping you get good job opportunities. So read on to know about the pros and cons of MBA

Pros of Pursuing MBA after B. Tech

The combination of technical and management expertise: Technology plays an important role in transforming our life and business, and having both technical as well as managerial skills can help you gain a lot of job opportunities. Whether you want to work in a technology company or start your own tenure, having knowledge about both these things comes handy.

Demand for professionals: There is no doubt that demand for professionals with B. Tech as well as MBA skills is much more than for professionals who have expertise only in one area. The demand will always be there because as technology will always be an important part of our life. Technical and managerial skills are the most important skills that any organization will need. Thus, demand for such professionals will always be there. The global employers especially look for MBAs with IT qualification. So, if you pursue the B. Tech as well as MBA degree from a reputed college, you will have a lot of career opportunities.

High Salary: Salaries depend on various factors, however, graduates with engineering background with MBA usually get better salary offers than others. A degree is not the only criteria for getting a job, the candidates with both degrees perform well in aptitude and other tests and this helps them get a better package. And if you have good communication skills along with these two degrees, then you can definitely get the best possible jobs.

Cons of Pursuing MBA After B. Tech:

Unrelated jobs: A lot of people do B. Tech and then get into a completely different career such as Banking or insurance that are not related to their educational background. However, if you are someone who wants to deliberately change your core from B. Tech to MBA, this is a great option.

High Competition: The numbers of students who are choosing the combination of MBA after B. Tech are many. Thus, unless you pursue both the degrees from a reputed college, your chances of getting a good job are very low.

So weigh the pros and cons and decide whether you want to pursue MBA or not. Make sure you pursue the right course based on your interest to make the most out of your course.


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