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Posted by IIBS Business School On 30/05/2017 05:34:07

While everybody talk about industry ready, IIBS talks about designing MBA programs with diversity in specialization to meet global standards. Often institutes wonder are the students industry ready? MBA at IIBS are customized to teach value added courses that are with best industry norms.

Here’s an inside view of why MBA at IIBS is industry ready:

  1. With industry interaction and live projects at IIBS, the recruiters look for job ready candidates and IIBS courses are curriculum to meet the industry needs.
  2. At IIBS, we are collaborating with top industries and are developing course and organizing training by the industry players which will prepare the students to fit in any job they are absorbed to.
  3. MBA Courses at IIBS will not only help students to understand the rapid changes of industry, but will give them an inside view of how the industry works.
  4. A number of subjects like financial modeling, organizational behavior, corporate reconstructing are added to the existing syllabus and is revised time to time.
  5. At IIBS the courses are tailored made to suit the requirements of various industries to nurture the important skills that will help students fit into the job roles offered at the end of their semester.
  6. The students at IIBS can choose their electives depending on the type of career they want to set for themselves.
  7. By bringing in real time situations to practice, the students at IIBS will be made fully aware of the industry work environment.
  8. Although the first semester is equal in almost all B schools, at IIBS our students will be industry engaged as they are exposed to visit industry experts who will give them an inside view of the work force.
  9. At IIBS our curriculum is industry oriented and our faculty members make sure that our students understand the concept of real time industry situations.
  10. Apart from equipping our students at IIBS with required technology, we are regularly engaged with industry experts to share their resources that would help in enhancing additional skills to prospective candidates.
  11. Most of the MBA students coming from engineering background are offered analytical courses that will encourage them to expose different industries.
  12. Through our implantation of industry ready approach hands on experience facility IIBS will prepare graduates to meet the changing needs of all industries.

IIBS a better place to be industry ready!


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