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Posted by Prof. Seema Mishra On 14/09/2021 10:10:06

How to Brand Yourself for Professional Success? Build your professional brand to be successful in the workplace. Aditi Syal Founder of Vocabberry, Columnist at Speaking Tree, Consulting Ease of Doing Business with Innovation in EV & Education conducted the insightful session on Professional Content writing, media, and marketing sectors. She also covered Essentials Tips for Creating Professional Brand on LinkedIn for beginners.

Building your brand isn't a one-shot deal. It takes time to acquire skills and build a solid presence and it should be an ongoing endeavor. The professional brand is what matters to a potential employer, networking contact, or anyone who can help you find a job or grow your career opportunities. It's more than a case of making sure your personal brand reflects who are as a person. It's also making sure that the information available about you online is visible, available, and relevant - to where you are in your career and where you want to go next.

Keep your profiles up-to-date on like update your college brand IIBS in your profile, acquired skills set, stay in touch with your contacts, build and maintain your network with Alumni and Corporate, and work on you’re branding on a regular basis. One goal of personal branding is to increase your presence in the search engines. So, when you (or prospective employers) search Google, Yahoo or the other search engines, your results rank high. Using your name as your URL whenever possible will help you bolster your rankings.


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