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Posted by IIBS Business School On 03/04/2018 04:39:49

There are many top MBA colleges in Bangalore which are offering the best specialization. The top 5 specializations are MBA in Marketing, MBA in Finance, MBA in Human Resource, MBA in Operations, MBA in IT. There is much profile for a candidate having specialization in Finance. The profiles include Investment Banking, Credit managers, Cash managers, Finance Managers. There are many Top MBA colleges offering finance in Bangalore, Noida adn Kolkata.

MBA in Marketing Management

For the Marketing Specializations, there are also many profiles like brand manager, Project Manager, Sales Manager, Regional Manager, Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst. All the Top B-schools offer all these specializations, but there are some changes which are famous for a particular specialization.

MBA in Human Resource Management

There are many colleges offering MBA in Human Resource. There are many top MBA colleges in Bangalore, top MBA colleges in Kolkata, Noida, with MBA in Human resource. From recruitment to the selection of personnel, Training, and Development of employees, Performance Appraisal, and Job Analysis HRs are considered as the backbone of the company.

MBA in Finance Management

If yes then it's a specialization subject that helps you understand the financial aspects of business and process. It's a completely wide topic but you can choose your subjects from the available list given by your college/university. Finance is about playing with numbers and is the lifeblood of every company. The company requires the team of finance specialist with the different skill set to manage company resources. It is the best career option and can give you growth in your career.

MBA in International Business

Any degree should be of relevance to the future career that you are looking for. An IB degree, even if a masters degree, not MBA, is helpful if you are a student planning to expand a business that currently exists and you are connected to it. For example a family business, or an employer who has portrayed his plans to expand in international markets. There are less or no employers who would want to put a person without international or MnC experience in the position even if he or she has a degree in international business. IB is a procedure based work here export or import procedures are followed further it a routine job but packages are good in metro and port cities.

After getting admission through CAT into the best MBA college one can do specialization in the area of his interest. After appearing for CAT candidates are required to fill the MBA application form where they can fill their area of specialization.

There is also another specialization offered by these colleges like consulting, entrepreneurship, consulting, information systems, telecommunication management, sports management, oil and gas management and so on.


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