MBA or Engineering in Bangalore for a fast track career?

Posted by Bansh On 14/09/2021 09:59:44

We all have been at this phase of our career where we have to take decisions which are integral and directly related to our success. For fresh graduates, the most challenging one ever has been to take up engineering first or an MBA. Over the last few years, we have evidently seen a rise in management colleges directly indicating the heavy need for managerial man power in the corporate environment.

MBA being one of the most coveted professional courses in India, it is ideal for anyone who is looking to develop an over all business management profile. While engineering is specific to IT, an MBA has a broader scope of growth while being able to work across industries with a wide array of roles to choose from.

If you are looking for such a future prospect, for all of you in and around Bangalore, we present you IIBS – International institute of Business Studies. A premier institute in the heart of Bangalore with world class infrastructure, affordable fees and complete placement assistance. Its MBA program is designed to make you a thorough business professional exposed to domestic and international standards of management and business strategy.

So Bangalore, do not look further. IIBS is the place to be for your precious two years of MBA – where passion meets profession!


IIBS Bangalore Welcome you to experience the superior professionalism and CSS - Cultural Connection as you pass through IIBS and let the change begin within you through IIBS.