MBA Preparation: How to crack GD & PI rounds of Top B-Schools

Posted by IIBS Business School On 13/06/2017 03:44:41

GD & PI rounds are the important part of selection process for a guaranteed seat in top B-schools. Over the past few years, GROUP DISCUSSION (GD) has slowly been made redundant and WAT (WRITING ABILITY TEST) & PERSONAL INTERVIEW (PI) has made its way to get admissions in top B-schools.

Though GD is an important part of selection process for admissions to B schools, WAT & PI are given equal importance to evaluate the candidate at every possible level. It is a type of personality test where your understanding of handling yourself as an individual or a team member is put to test.

Few tips to help you understand the importance of GD & PI rounds for admission selection process:

  1. GD is an interactive selection round which makes it a difficult one for you to out stand the others. You are judged on how and what you speak. It is very important to choose the right words but also express it properly with limited given time.
  2. Whereas WAT is tested on the basis of quality content and writing style. Regular practices in writing good contents can easily help you crack this round.
  3. The students must focus on their language skills, good grammar, appropriate vocabulary and correct punctuation for WAT, GD & PI rounds.
  4. Be precise in delivering your speech while making your point in GD round to ensure you portray your vision clearly.
  5. Quality of the content matters the most in WAT round; hence, make sure to pen down good and new words to improve your vocabulary skills.
  6. While for your GD & PI rounds support your views with examples but avoid statistics and figures.
  7. Rigorous reading is essential to be up to date with the current affairs. The more you read the broader your vision and understanding of issues will become that will help you crack your WAT, GD & PI rounds for admission process.

We think cracking competitive exams is the most difficult part of the admission process, but surprisingly at the time of GD, WAT & PI your performance play a vital role, so make sure whatever your write is easy, effective and mistake free.

Good Luck!


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