MOM Day 3: A Session on Ethics & Values at IIBS Bangalore Campus

Posted by Prof. Jigyasa Narang On 14/09/2021 09:32:50

Students must know the rules and regulations that the college adheres to. So to make the students aware of what all rules they need to follow in accordance to the college and the university, the day started with a session by Mr. Hemchand, Academic Administrator, IIBS Bangalore was facilitated.

For one to grow in business and be a successful entrepreneur, one must know about the business and the corporate world.  To let the students gain and brush up knowledge in different fields of business, a business quiz was organized by S-16 Batch students, Tanmay, Ashima, Antara, Kiran, and Manik. This helped the students to showcase their knowledge about the business and learn new things about the business.

A Survey of Shipra MallIndirapuram of the different brand category was assigned to new students by Professor Seema Mishra, the Dean for the next day. Professor Seema Mishra, the Dean gave a brief about the same to the students. The students had to gain insights and details about the retail brand of different categories of fashion and lifestyle.This helped them to do market research and study, enhance their skills and know more about the market outside.

A Mall Visit was organized for the students.The students had to gain Broad view and insights about what these categories had to offer to pertain to individual brands. This helped them to do market research and study, enhance their skills and knowledge about more about the market outside. The students collected data and researched about the category they were given. They interacted with the managers at different stores and asked them details about different varieties the quality of the stuff and the cost which they were priced at. The students enjoyed the visit and have collected the information which they will be presenting in their team presentation in the upcoming session.

To be able to do a business, one must also follow basics ethics and values besides everything. We live in an era of cut throat competition and competition breeds enmity.  In such a scenario certain standards are required to govern how organizations go about their business operations, these standards are called ethics. To let the students know about the same, a session on "Ethics & Values” was facilitated by Mr. Rajesh Gupta, Industrialist.


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