Offshore Interaction by Grace Mimbs (Artisan & Designer) at IIBS Bangalore Campus

Posted by Prof.Rubina Chettri On 16/10/2017 02:34:39

On September 27, 2017,  guest lecture by Ms.Grace Mimbs was conducted at IIBS Bangalore(international airport campus). She is an artisan and designer from Atlanta, USA. She was accompanied by Mr.Jonathan, CEO/founder of JM school of designer tailoring and a motivational speaker.

The event started off with an introductory speech given by Professor Rubina Chettri welcoming the guests. The session was then taken over by Ms. Grace introducing herself as a freelance designer, Product & graphics designer. She started her talk showing her very first project, the designs she has made and how she became more curious about costume designing.

She emphasized everyone to expand their networks, develop relationships personally as well as professionally. She worked on a Sprite commercial, which, she said she would not have got it if she wouldn't have done Networking. She stressed on the fact of being flexible, not held too tightly to a goal. The first job need not be in the same field. She wanted everyone to push their boundaries, to choose challenging projects to get to know what one is really made of.

She shared her views on direct and indirect speech. In her opinion, she likes indirect way of speaking as it allows the other person more softly to give their inputs. She also enlightened us about soft skills. As everyone says good communication is a necessity, but how we articulate our thoughts in a simple way are also equally important.

Many candidates feel insecure during the interview, having great confidence is one of the key foundations in doing well in an interview. She asked us to show our original self. Fake it till you make it doesn't always work. She wants everyone to improve their presentation skills by expressing their heart and asked everyone to make a self-presentation and a feedback from peers to improvise themselves.

It was really nice of her to talk about India, how much she loved it.

The program was followed by Mr. Jonathan, summarizing everything. He asked everyone to be online, to create an online profile as western companies require it. He enlightened us on the fact that how important it is to research about the organization before we proceed for the interview and to ask "WHY" in every situation of our lives to improve creativity. To foster creativity, we need to talk to people of different interests.

The house was then opened for questions and the students had an interactive session. The program ended with memento presentation by Professor Narappa Reddy to Mr.Jonathan and Ms.Grace.


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