Pre-Placement and Interview Skills Training for MBA Students

Posted by IIBS Business School On 11/05/2017 03:12:03

Excel in what you do, come and experience the best Pre-Placement Training at IIBS

Any competitive exam, we at IIBS Business School train and prepare our students with a set syllabus and a right format for each of these exams. Various topics like Language comprehension, Analytical problem solving, Mathematical skills, Data Analysis and many more crucial topics will be covered at IIBS Business School. Since both these exams goes with time and accuracy, we at IIBS Business School will guide our students to handle the exam stress by conducting various tests.

With access to our virtual library, all our students at all IIBS Business School can read any article anytime without their physical appearance while there is training at IIBS Business School. Competitive group discussions and open for all forums is also initiated for our students who are training with IIBS Business School.

Our highlight features of training at IIBS Business School:

  1. The training at IIBS Business School will be through teacher student interaction level where students will prepare and present themselves at given topics.
  2. The students will gain confidence and get a glimpse of GD and PI rounds.
  3. We would also call in guest lectures by professionals from various organizations at different levels for students to understand and develop strategically thinking.
  4. During your training at IIBS Business School, the students will be engaged in group discussions time and time again.
  5. Sample test papers covering the course will also be provided to all our students training at IIBS Business School with projects assigned to each student as an individual or as a team; this will enhance student’s interaction and the student will be in a thinking manager situation and will gain confidence with others.
  6. Since these exams are a mind game, we also ease out their stress by giving them regular meditation sessions to bring down the stress levels and stay focused.
  7. We would also monitor the growth chart of each student training at IIBS Business School for the competitive exams by conducting regular one to one sessions which will help us understand student’s clarity on the course.
  8. We will also train our students for a pre placement opportunity that will act as a booster.
  9. We would extend further assistance to the students who want to spend more time in getting better understanding to difficult topics.



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