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Posted by Prof. Susmitha TP On 05/05/2023 08:05:47

The Latin words "Pro" and "Cras," which mean "tomorrow" and "in favour of," respectively, are the roots of the English word "procrastination." It is described as "the act or habit of delaying or putting things off" as a result. One of the major obstacles to time management for  professionals  is procrastination. mba in project management in bangalore

Procrastination is an emotional management issue rather than a time management problem. You will allow yourself the time that you need to get back on track, start meeting deadlines, and stop punishing yourself for procrastinating when you distinguish procrastination from a perceived incapacity to accomplish a task.  The following are some psychological causes of procrastination:

  • A sense of failing.
  • Doubt the value of an effort.
  • Escaping a difficult scenario. 
  • Overburdened and stretched thin.
  • Not knowing how to prioritize the tasks
  • An attitude of perfection.
  • No interest because the work is constantly being done
  • Inadequate time management abilities. 
  • Start-up issues originate from an unorganised idea. 

We need to observe success from our time management strategies in order to overcome procrastination. The following are some strategies to overcome this issue; top ten mba colleges in bangalore

  • Ten-minute countdown: Start a ten-minute timer and complete the task you have been putting off.   If the task wasn't as difficult as you had anticipated when the timer rings, you might decide to carry on with it. Continue with another task if you are still not interested in it. NAAC accredited MBA college in Bangalore
  • Locate a workspace that enhances productivity. Find a new space or make changes to the current workspace if it doesn't promote productivity. MBA Colleges in Bangalore List
  • Divide the task at hand into more manageable objectives. You may more readily take on a massive, apparently impossible undertaking when you set smaller goals. mba colleges without entrance exams in bangalore
  • Put it in writing. Keep a written record of every work you have to finish. Work on them after giving them a priority. If you don't put it in writing, it won't appear important, and you risk missing a deadline.
  • Become aware of your energy patterns. Never put off a task until your energy is so low that you are unable to finish it. Recognise your peak energy times and use those times to accomplish major chores.
  • Go on a break. Allow yourself to complete a task for thirty minutes, then take a break. Get up,  go for a walk, and stretch. Return to the task at hand after your break. mba programs in bangalore
  • If you did a good job, treat yourself. Establish goals and include rewards. Taking a longer break, reading a book, or traveling could be the reward.
  • Be sensible. Procrastination will set in if you have too many tasks on the list that you consider important. Establish achievable daily goals and deadlines. mba institutes in bangalore
  • Make a difficult task more challenging. When you push yourself, you step outside of your comfort zone, you push the limits of what is possible, and it shows you have what it takes to complete the work.

Techniques for managing time are just as unique as the person using them. Knowing the emotional triggers for procrastination will help to establish habits and routines that will help a professional to better manage their time. mba in operations management in bangalore

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