Resources for CAT 2017 Preparation

Posted by Ravindra Ram On 12/03/2017 13:57:52

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If you are reading this, you got to be an MBA aspirant. And this seems to be the right place to be at the moment as we are going to introduce to the best resources to crack that dreading CAT 2017 examination.

We understand that preparing for such an elusive examination can be daunting, however as it is widely said and practiced – You just have to take the first step and look at the whole stair case. Similarly, here the first step is to know where to start? Now that you know you want to an MBA from a reputed institute, getting through the CAT examination with a fair percentile is important. Here we have consolidated few ideas that help you stay ahead inyour CAT preparation.

  • Books, magazines and newspapers – This is the main and the most prominent source of information o update your knowledge bank and get set to take up the exam. By reading the best books recommended for CAT, keeping yourself updated with the current affairs and happenings across the world and updating your general knowledge will keep you on your toes for preparation and at the same time enrich you with more and more information.There are many webiste which provive CAT study material online free download.      
  • Previous CAT exams – Get through all of your cousins, friends or just search online for previous CAT examination questions for as many years as possible and work on them. The more you practice these, the better it is!
  • CAT study material online – With information being abundantly available online thanks to the internet, you can now take less time consuming CAT preparation programs or consult an expert for guidance and support. You can also gather information, participate in forums which focus on CAT exam preparation. This way you also know what are other MBA aspirants are up to and learn a thing or two from them.

Apart from this, make sure your nutrition and sleep patterns are well to keep your energy levels high and avoid any last minute emergencies. There are many colleges accepting CAT score in india. IIBS Bangalore as a Top colleges in bangalore accepting CAT score.

Best luck!


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