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Posted by Prof. Narayan Prasad On 29/09/2022 10:16:15

A seminar on anti-ragging and the effects of ragging was organised by IIBS for PGDM 2022 batch students. HK Nandini, a consultant, child and adolescent psychologist, innovative curriculum developer, and life coach, served as the event's chief guest and speaker. Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, Director of IIBS, opened the event in Seminar Hall 1. MBA it colleges in Bangalore

The speaker spoke to the audience, emphasising the negative effects of ragging. She gave the students an explanation of what exactly constitutes ragging, why it is illegal, and who can be held accountable for it. The silent witness would also be held equally accountable addition to the wrongdoers. MBA in digital marketing in Bangalore

Speaker explained for decades, ragging has been discussed and studied, but we have neglected to understand the psychological underpinnings of this scourge. About 20 years ago, we started to recognise ragging as a problem and start looking for a solution. She also talked about misconceptions that support the idea of ragging, including (a) Many think that ragging helps to break the ice between seniors and freshmen; it fosters friendships; others claim it fosters emotional bonds between students; (b) Many think that ragging helps students develop their personalities; it helps them overcome their shyness; and it prepares them for life in the real world. And it's not just college students who hold this belief—many professors who teach in universities and colleges, people who attended college years ago, or even people who never attended but simply heard about the benefits of ragging blindly hold this belief. best MBA colleges in Bangalore

She told the students that in order to stop ragging, we must dispel all myths about it, challenge the underlying assumptions that encourage it, and teach our children to respect and be sensitive to the diversity and differences in our society. The speaker warned the students that after reflecting on ragging, we would simply detest being associated with it, be forced to reconsider the benefits of ragging we believe in, be forced to reconsider the reasons we give for supporting ragging and that this would eventually cause ragging to die naturally due to our way of thinking and use of logic.

The speaker engaged students in role-playing activities while also answering their questions. Overall, the session was interesting and engaging. A special session with the speaker, a psychologist, was held for all the female students following the session. The girls received individualised counseling sessions and had their questions answered. Additionally, it helped many students gain more self-confidence.

The session conveyed the message that ragging is strictly forbidden in this institution and will result in severe punishment for those who engage in it.

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