Session on Business Analytics | | MOM Programme | Day-7 | Session- 1 | MBA in Business Analytics Bangalore

Posted by Dr.Syed Shahid Raza On 22/07/2022 07:29:11

Dr.Syed Shahid Raza led a subject orientation session for students on the seventh day of the MOM program. The session was conducted to foster pupils' awareness of Business Analytics Subject and Concepts.

Students were given an overview of Business Analytics subjects like Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence, Database Management concepts, and tools for Business Analytics. Discussed the different types of Analytics and their application in Industry and the importance of people, technology, & business in the field of Business Analytics. Today, how we use analytics in some shape or form to make informed business decisions and measure performance. Some of the examples for data were shared, also discussed on data aggregation and data mining - which are used to uncover trends and patterns.

Outcome: The students were made aware of the role of business analytics in drawing business insights, the importance of business analytics & statistical modeling of data - financial, sales, and other types of data.    

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