Stepping Stones to be Top Ranked MBA Colleges in India

On 10/06/2023 10:51:54

Our focus on excellence in various aspects to become a top-ranked MBA college is putting a concerted effort into continuous improvement. The Process to the Path has received several awards, rankings, and recognition for its contributions to management education. Here are some notable accolades achieved:

  • Ranked 2nd B-Schools in Bangalore by CSR Annual
  • 4th All India Level for placement among Best B-School in Bangalore by Silicon India Survey
  • Top MBA College in Bangalore in terms of Placement by Digital Silhouette
  • Top 11 B-schools in India by B-School of Excellence
  • Top 25 B-School in India by Business World
  • India's most preferred MBA College by Best Choice Survey
  • 8th All India B-School by Parivartan Times
  • 14th All India B-School by Campus Option

Through its commitment to academic excellence, industry integration, faculty development, student support, and alumni engagement, IIBS has successfully embarked on the journey to becoming a top-ranked MBA college in India.

Focusing on Academic Excellence:

With our robust curriculum and faculty expertise offering comprehensive and industry-relevant programs, students equips with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic business world. Continuous curriculum updates, integration of emerging trends, and fostering an environment of intellectual curiosity contribute to academic excellence.

Industry Integration and Practical Exposure:

We emphasize the importance of practical exposure and industry integration. Establishing collaborations with leading organizations, organizing guest lectures by industry experts, and facilitating internships and corporate projects to ensure that students gain hands-on experience and stay updated with the latest business practices.

Faculty Development and Research:

We prioritize faculty development and encourage research activities and provide opportunities for professional growth, attending conferences, and publishing research papers. This commitment to faculty development ensures that students receive a quality education from knowledgeable and experienced professors.

Student Support and Holistic Development:

The institute offers mentorship programs, leadership development activities, soft skills training, and career guidance. Nurturing the overall growth of students and also preparing them for the challenges of the corporate world.

Alumni Engagement and Network Building:

The alumni network acts as a valuable resource for students, providing guidance, networking opportunities, and industry insights. Establishing a strong alumni network is a crucial aspect of building a top-ranked MBA college. IIBS fosters strong connections with its alumni and engages them in various activities, such as guest lectures, mentoring programs, and industry interactions.

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