The Effect of Industrial Training In Polytechnic | PGCET for MBA admissions in Karnataka

Posted by Prof. Manoranjan R On 29/11/2021 07:36:05

As the manager’s job is to provide service to the general public, industrial training helps to expose managers to industrial behaviour in order to improve on the practical aspect of their course.

Industrial Training is the training given to the students in a tertiary institution in order to know the responsibilities of human resources development and how they will tackle their work/job after their school. PGCET for MBA admissions in Karnataka

list of things that you can expect from industrial training in Polytechnic or Management College are:

Practical Knowledge

The General industry, which is otherwise known as the people’s industry, is presently facing a shortage of skilled and knowledgeable employees. It has been projected that in the coming five years, there will be a requirement of more than lakhs of workers in this field. Building on this speculation, it can be said that the chances of getting a reputed job are significantly high in all sectors.


As a trainee, you are taught several critical points about how the industries work. An essential part of that is the behavioural guidelines and aspects of professionalism in an organization. It is also expected that the students will not only learn these points but will also abide by them.

Soft Skills

Companies and industries hire professionals who can look ahead to academics. These professionals must be fluent in soft skills for effective communication with the client. Your industrial training is the best time to learn these skills and even put them to use. Be it conversational skills, discussions, or leadership avenues; you can learn them all in one place.

 Inter-departmental Communication

As an employee of an organisation, you would be required to communicate with various departments to get the work done. One must know how to get work done from multiple departments and how to communicate your requirements to them effectively. The best place to learn this is the work environment.

Insights into Internal Functioning of an Organization

As a professional going to enter the world, there is little to no knowledge provided to you about the functioning and internal operations of any organization. As a part of any organization, you get to witness the decisions and discussions that form a company, giving you a more in-depth look inside the internal operations of an industry

 Industrial training is an integral part of the education that turns a student into a professional. By working closely with industry professionals, you get to learn a horde of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. 

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