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Posted by Prof Manoranjan H P On 02/06/2022 11:39:22

An MBA internship for a full-time student enhances the portfolio of their work experience. Internships offer the best exposure to students working in an organizational structure and they acquire many practical skills that classroom teachings don’t offer. Often vocational experiences also are recommended for MBA internships. Typically, a student goes for an internship after the first year of his/her MBA college, and the kind of internship they choose, paves the way for their success in the future.

Whether an MBA student wants to pursue an international career or a career in the domestic market, the fact is business schools of today are offering them more opportunities and options. Academic counselors of any B-School, help their students in finding the right internship and later campus placement opportunities. MBA internships are an opportunity for students to work in their area of interest and they have organizations that help them in releasing their dreams and successfully pursue their career goals. It kind of gives a preview to students to understand their roles and responsibilities or the nature of work that they have to undertake once after the completion of their degree.

MBA internships also pave the way for campus placements as quite often the employers can guess their potential hires and the impact that they can make in their enterprises. Today, most MBA colleges offer enough tools and resources that can help the students to position their path toward a successful corporate career. Students acquire valuable experience of working in a fast-paced work environment and learn how to collaborate well with their team members. Additionally, students enhance their communication skills by frequently interacting with internal/external clients of the organization. They also learn how to face competition by conducting research on potential markets and clients.

IIBS offers extensive career counseling to students and effectively helps in their academic and practical growth. They are well-connected with many companies which give students ample opportunities for their internship experience. Furthermore, they have this virtual internship opportunity called the ‘Youth4work’ on their campus. This virtual internship helps students to enhance their entrepreneurship, leadership, and networking skills. Strategizing the internship helps IIBS students to prepare themselves for future career growth.

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