The Workshop was Conducted on WTO at IIBS Bangalore

Posted by Prof. Prakash A On 02/01/2019 01:55:56

The workshop was conducted on WTO and the International Trade landscape and Emerging Trends and The Institutions that facilitate International Trade other than WTO by Prof. Shanker S, Adjunct Faculty, IIM-B (Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore) at IIBS Airport Campus, Bangalore

The workshop had two sessions:

  1. WTO and the International Trade landscape and Emerging Trends and
  2. The Institutions that facilitate International Trade other than WTO.

The global companies’ business is looking out at the transformation in their business operations, by thinking globally & acting locally by encouraging innovations and entrepreneurship amongst professionals.

Moving forward to enrich the management students, IIBS organized the workshop on WTO and International Trade Landscape would be to educate and help future management leaders solve their organizational challenges, manage change, grow and innovate of MBA and PGDM Students of IIBS.

The workshop had two sessions:


  • Initiatives from Government of Karnataka Centre for Export Promotions and
  • Trends, Checklists, Overview and Significance  of Intellectual Property Rights, protections for budding entrepreneurs by Mrs. Prabhavathi Rao Program Coordinator IP Initiatives, VTPC, Govt of Karnataka


  • Introduction to the Spectrum of Intellectual Property rights with a focus on Patents & Patents filing mechanisms
  • Hands-on Online Session on Prior Art / Patent Search (Computer lab exercise) by Ms. Brinda K Varma, Patent Attorney and Senior Consultant, IP Commercialisation, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore.

During I session Mrs.Prabhavathi explained in details the Importance of IPR to companies, especially to the start-ups.  She spoke elaborated the supported and assistance being extended by the Karnataka State Government, Department of Industries & Commerce and  Visvesvaraya Trade Promotion Centre (VTPC) providing statistical information.  She also informed about the number of industries being guided and supported by VTPC on Intellectual Properties.

During II session by Mrs.Brinda K Varma, explained about the Prior Art / Patent Search methodology and importance  IPR before commercialization of an Idea or  Product or Services.  She also taught about the IPR  registration process.


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