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Posted by Prof. Rubina Chettri On 14/09/2021 08:59:28

The MBA would be aspiring to be Managers or Leaders as soon as they pass out of the B Schools. Our IIBS MBA needs to be different from other MBA of the same academic year’s batch (2019-20) coming out of other B Schools (competitors) to get their first job. The need for entrepreneur traits required in the Corporate world has to be the differentiator among the MBA to be Managers/Leaders.

Make it or Break it session would be providing students the professional business knowledge and enhancing their communication Skills. Impart training students on Teamwork & leadership capabilities and also to higher analytical thinking.

The sessions with case studies would focus on :

  • How do you really learn the insights of business?
  • Business leadership is all about:
    • Smart thinking
    • Out of the box thinking
  • Start your management education by doing
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • The way ahead: Successful Entrepreneurs to Motivate

The sessions of games would give a sense of practical applicability of the subject and the concepts that are learned. Some examples of such games include:

  1. Time Management Game
  2. Paper planes: This game helps in recalling the topics of the talk by the faculty and engaging everyone.
  3. The “I”s Have It: Why do so many of us have difficulty avoiding the use of ‘I’ in conversation?   This game would hence illustrate how we tend to be more self-centered than we may have thought and to demonstrate the importance of focusing on the other person/s.
  4. Building Towers: This game illustrates how teams use the available resources, who plays a leader’s role and who are their followers, how they act as a team.
  5. Quiz on entrepreneurship


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