Tricks and Tips for Mastering SNAP 2018 by Experts

Posted by IIBS Business School On 29/01/2018 04:35:58

A planned manner of SNAP, can lead your way to success! SYMBIOSIS NATIONAL APTITUDE TEST (SANP) is conducted by SYMBIOSIS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (SIU), Pune for admissions to different Post Graduate Program for the academic year 2018-2020.
If in any way you feel absence on what to study, here are few tips and tricks by our experts to ease your last minute preparation for SNAP.

Identify the difficult levels:

The exam could be easier than past years, reason being any entrance exam going online come up with relatively easier paper, so don’t worry on the difficult side. But that makes your time accuracy to a speedy level especially when there is no section cutoff in SNAP Examination.

Accuracy and speed for cutoffs:

Do not go with any present cut off in mind, but, 70+ out of 150 should pave way for you to fetch a spot in SIBM Pune. Set your focus on accuracy and speed for clearing the cut off. Ensure to maximize your overall score by playing in your stronger areas.

Well aware of important GK topics:

Whack your brains with topics of GK like Business Awareness, Financial Budgets, Mergers and Acquisitions, Sports and Book Authors of 2107. Keep yourself up to date by making a habit of reading the newspaper daily, which will help you to be aware of current affairs.

Not more than a minute on LR questions:

If you are unable to answer the question within 50-60 seconds, simply move on to other questions. Do not spend more time on any specific question; else you will get bound to attempt less questions with perfection. Remember that LR section remains the toughest section of SNAP, so it is not advisable to doubt yourself.

RC could be your best friend in SNAP:

RC questions are usually direct questions and can be answered easily by just reading the fist and the last paragraph of the passage.

Avoid to over attempt vocab questions:

It is always a safe game to attempt those questions which you are very sure of. Do not over attempt and loose a negative mark in this section.

Calm, compose and determined:

It is a natural human tendency to lose your mind the minute you are unable to answer the first 2-3 questions, do not panic and raise your mind temperature, instead just close your eyes for a minute and relax your mind. You can easily solve the paper even if you are unable to answer 5-10 questions. Do not lose your confidence, just identify questions quickly, and move on.

Value of importance:

Make sure to carry all your important documents like ID card, Photo ID proof and other relevant documents mentioned in instructions. Do not miss any such document, else you may find a difficulty to enter the examination hall. Reach the venue on time so that you have enough time to calm your nerves and give a head start to your examination.

“If you have studied well and prepared with commitment, no one can stop you from doing well”


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