What goes to making an exceptional global B-School…

On 16/10/2021 11:37:42

Far from the times when B-Schools operated within the confines of political boundaries, today’s B-Schools are not insulated from global business impact. In fact, management institutes are expected to be international in every sense. When it is so, there needs to be continual evolution to keep pace with changing world of business. There is a two-fold advantage from this: the business world gets benefited from new-age MBA graduates, who bring in a fresh wave of thought; respective B-Schools can derive credibility, which in turn helps in attracting meritorious aspirants to their campuses.

Now, from the aspirants’ perspective, there have to be certain indicators to distinguish whether a B-School is truly global or not. Infrastructure is a primary indicator. It normally comprises of state-of-the-art campus & learning facilities. The Standard of faculty to is a major contributor. Besides these two, industry exposure, placement assistance, and alumni interaction add to the merits of B-School in question. Most importantly, B-School Ranking certainly reflects the extent of the presence of decisive parameters stated earlier.

Quite a number of B-Schools stood out to be noticed by aspirants as well as the corporate world. When picking an institute amongst such an elite pool of B-Schools becomes tricky, the International Institute of Business Studies-IIBS should prove to be a wiser choice. It has all the ingredients that make it truly an international management institute.


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