What makes MBA in Bangalore so compelling?

Posted by Bansh On 01/03/2017 01:19:42

An MBA qualification on top of a technical, medical, or any other formal graduation has become so important that that most of the graduates prefer to have one rather than entering their respective professional streams with graduation certificate alone. While it is true that MBA certification enables career-growth and earning potential, the extent of your professional progression is often determined by the place and the institute which you derive your MBA from. Given this interesting analogy, MBA from Bangalore colleges seems a more viable option for some compelling reasons/advantages. 

Advantage-1: It is very obvious from the outset that MBA in Bangalore colleges means access to campuses that are modeled along the requisite architecture for inspiring management education – magnificent front view, spacious classrooms, amphitheatre-style auditorium, lively class room, interactive teaching methodology, students’ accommodation & amenities all seem perfectly aligned with learning objectives.

Advantage-2: Adding edge to this top class learning infrastructure is the overwhelming quality of their faculty and guest speakers – MBA in Bangalore colleges is administered through full-time eminent scholars & academicians, and acclaimed business leaders as guest speakers during interactive sessions with students. The result of such intensified teaching method is reflected in their quality of output as well as placement of their students in leading MNCs, Fortune Companies, & elite public sector organizations.

Advantage-3: Another facet of MBA in Bangalore is its industry networking, which makes pre-career orientation (summer internships) instantaneously possible & practicable. The effectiveness of such regular summer internships is to be seen in their eventual conversion into full-time offers from companies at campus selections – B-Schools in Bangalore, particularly IIM-Bangalore, National School of Business, IFIM Business School, Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME), Presidency Business School, Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences (AIMS), Institute of Business Management & Technology (IBMT), Alliance Business Academy, PES Institute of Management, East West College of Management have consistently been registering 100% placement over the years; average salary offered to their students too has equally been impressive ranging between Rs. 12.5 – 5.4 p.a.

Because of these apparent advantages, MBA in Bangalore colleges has assumed significant prominence amongst those graduates seeking to add up MBA qualification to their respective graduate degrees. International Institute for Business Studies (IIBS) – capable of delivering such a value-pack of advantages – has emerged to be one amongst the elite club of top B-Schools in Bangalore.


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