Workshop On Finding the Leader named “You” | Day 14 | Session-2 | Top Ten MBA colleges in Bangalore

Posted by Dr. Kethan M On 05/08/2022 06:24:32

On the 14th day of the MOM programme, there was a workshop called "Finding the Leader named You." Dr. Kethan M. organised the session. He has invited Dr. Rahul Das, an HR Consultant and Trainer as the resource person. Top Ten MBA colleges in Bangalore

Instead of giving the students recommendation on how to be a better leader, the speaker used his personal experiences and what had helped him on his journey to become a leader in the first place and to become a better one as he progressed in his career. He has written down some words that he would use to tell the students his story and how they can use these words to propel them on their personal journeys. Top 5 MBA colleges in Bangalore

He advised the students that as a leader, they must not allow fear to hold them back. To do the right thing and speak your mind, you must have both courage and confidence. This will undoubtedly assist you at every step of the way. Have the courage to approach anyone, speak the truth, and take conflicts to their root cause, as well as the confidence to lead by example and stand up not only for yourself but for those around you. best MBA colleges in Bangalore

He emphasised the importance of exposure and experience, and that every opportunity to learn something new and challenge the status quo should be taken advantage of. Even teamwork is a great teacher; it gives you so much insight into people and how they work, and you can't work alone as an entrepreneur, so learning how to manage and work with teams, alongside them, leading from the front or leading from the back, is always beneficial.

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