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Posted by Sushmita S On 29/07/2022 06:59:45

On the tenth day of the MOM programme, IIBS organized a trip to Pyramid Valley Meditation Centre for 2022 batch students and faculty. It was an amazing experience in a peaceful, calm, and pleasant environment. We arrived at that peaceful location around 12.30 p.m. First, we were taken to Nithya Annadhan, where food is freely distributed to approximately 15000 people each month and tastes as delicious as home food. IIBS donated cash at Nithya Annadhan. Following that, we experienced the power of meditation at Kabir Valley, where we got our first glimpse of meditation and the Pyramid Valley.


A briefing on meditation was given to the students, and a practice session was led by one of the Pyramid Valley trainers. We meditated for nearly 20 minutes. After that, we went to see the Pyramid Meditation Tower and walked around the entire Pyramid Valley facility. In a world where everyone is rushing around looking for peace, we discovered a legitimate source in the form of meditation. Students conversed about their meditative experiences. It taught us that the only physician capable of curing one's desires is oneself. You can cure yourself if you can control your emotions and thoughts. Best MBA college in Bangalore


This is a completely spiritual experience, regardless of religion. Students thoroughly enjoyed the serene environment. The main goals of such a trip for students were to improve memory and concentration, boost confidence and self-esteem, and boost self-worth. And even to enhance the behavioral profile and inter-student relationships.


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