Presentation on Quarterly Reports of a Company | MOM Programme | Day-7 | Session- 2 | AICTE approved MBA college in Bangalore

Posted by Prof. Susmitha On 23/07/2022 06:26:31

Prof. Susmitha led the second session of the MOM on the seventh day. She has tasked the new students with preparing a presentation on a company's quarterly results. The students were asked to read and analyze the first quarter of 2022, as well as a small study of QoQ and YoY. In addition, students were asked to determine whether the return is greater than the cost of capital and inflation. If so, it will be a profitable venture. AICTE approved MBA college in Bangalore

The quarterly results are provided directly by the company and encompass official communication. It conveys management sentiments as well as a true picture of the company. Each group of 5 to 6 students was assigned the task of Presentation The answers to the following questions were highlighted in the students' presentations:

  •  Is the company making enough money?
  •  Is the business profitable?
  •  What exactly is the cash flow cycle?
  •  Is the cash generated increasing or decreasing?

As someone moves in an organization, their decisions have a greater impact on how budgets are spent, resources are allocated, and the overall financial health of the organization. When we are knowledgeable about a subject, we can see the cause and effect of various decisions. When we make decisions without financial acumen, we are taking a risk. This is why financial knowledge is essential. Best MBA course in Bangalore

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