AMACE – A Presentation Of Real Business Models | Day-8 | Session- 1 | Top MBA college in Bangalore

Posted by Prof. Kuldeep Sharma On 25/07/2022 09:30:48

Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, Director of IIBS, led the first session of the MOM on the 8th day. On the fourth day of MOM, the 2022 students were asked to create various business models. Each team had about 5 to 6 members on average, and the task of Presentation was divided among the team members.

They presented their model's details in groups. It highlighted their model's business plan, execution strategies, and personal experience. Prof. Kuldeep Sharma brought up numerous questions to each team and provided feedback on various aspects of their presentation. Top MBA college  in Bangalore

All of the students were very excited, and all teams competed for the quality of their planning, organizing their team and tasks, and completing tasks on time. The following are the session's outcomes:

  • In a variety of contexts, students will identify, assess, and shape entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • In business settings, students will demonstrate effective communication and professional behavioral skills.
  • Students learn about teamwork, planning, organizing, and directing.
  • Students are made aware of time constraints and the significance of meeting deadlines.
  • Students are introduced to management learning through a hands-on approach, with questions and answers provided.

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