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Posted by Dr. Anil kumar.R On 04/08/2022 06:53:23

On the 15th day of the MOM Programme, a Workshop on “5S” was organized for the 2022-2024 batch students by Dr.Anilkumar.R, Associate Professor. The speaker for the day was Mr.K.Amul Chander, Former 5S Champion at Ace Designers Ltd. and now runs his own firm in the areas of Consulting, Leadership Training, and 5S Implementation. He introduced the concept of 5S with simple examples and case studies, students interacted with the speaker with enthusiasm also asked more doubts and got them cleared. Also, he shared his experience at ACE Designers factory, how he could implement 5S in all the departments and what was the outcome.  AICTE-approved MBA college in Bangalore

In brief, 5S means,

  • Seiri is sorting through the contents of the workplace and removing unnecessary items. This is an action to identify and eliminate all unnecessary items from the workplace.
  • Seiton is putting the necessary items in their place and providing easy access. This is an action to put every necessary item in good order and focuses on efficient and effective storage methods.
  • Seiso involves cleaning everything, keeping it clean daily, and using cleaning to inspect the workplace and equipment for defects. This is an action to clean the workplace daily.
  • Seiketsu involves creating visual controls and guidelines for keeping the workplace organized, orderly and clean. This is a condition where a high standard of good housekeeping is maintained. The first three steps, or S’s, are often executed by order. Seiketsu helps to turn it into natural, standard behavior.
  • Shitsuke involves training and discipline to ensure that everyone follows the 5S standards. This is a condition where all members practice the first four S’s spontaneously and willingly as a way of life. Accordingly, it becomes the culture in the organization.

This thought-provoking workshop gave students an opportunity to understand Quality concept 5S and how it can benefit organizations with decreased wastages and increased morale of employees and finally enhanced productivity.

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