How to Crack MAT Exam 2017 in First Attempt? Tips & Tricks

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 19/06/2017 05:14:46

How to crack MAT exam 2017 in first attempt, what topics to focus more. In the next 3 hours, you will be attempting the most competitive exam and you need magic tricks that can do wonders to crack MAT Exam 2017. Well, we have few tips for you from the toppers themselves:

MAT 2017: Tips to crack the exam : Tips and Tricks

  1. The number of mock test that you take during MAT preparations is sufficient enough for your overall grooming.
  2. It is important to make mental math as a daily part of your life as it will not only help you in Quant & DI, but by solving analytical problem solving papers will speed up your mind for the test.
  3. If you want to gain a 100% in your MAT then don’t skim the paper in order. Always attempt the questions first that you are best at. This will save you on your time to answer difficult areas later.
  4. You can target MCQ’s and TITA first as they don’t have any negative marking, so you have nothing to lose.
  5. Looking at the paper many candidates forget to say ‘NO’ to the questions which are unwanted and waste of time. Read as much as you can and move to questions that you are unable to answer.
  6. Practice lot of DILR questions, as they weight more and are completely logical reasoning related questions.
  7. Read the questions properly, analyze it and then give your reasoning.  
  8. Review all the tests you have taken to analyze your strengths and weakness.
  9. Develop time management by checking if all the ‘Easy’ and ‘Medium’ difficulty questions were answered.
  10. MAT is all about time and accuracy. So, make good strategies that will help you manage both.

In terms of how to approach for MAT exam is totally on what you are comfortable with. Do not bother yourself too much with the last minute preps. Just be calm and confident. All the best!

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