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Posted by Dr. Suganya .S On 20/11/2021 06:51:22

According to FICCI data, the SME sector has generated around 11.10 crore jobs across the country (National Sample Survey 2015-16). As a consequence of this industry's status as India's "engine of growth," acquiring an SME loan or funding has become easier over time. Despite a severe lack of infrastructure and previous government laws that made it difficult for individuals to create their own businesses, the country has made incredible progress in this sector. Small and medium-sized businesses account for 8% of overall GDP. By 2020, this number is expected to reach 22%. Various small-business loan programmes are helping to strengthen this industry even further.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in India have played a critical role in decreasing unemployment, poverty, and economic inequality. In India, SME exports account for 40% of total exports and 45 per cent of manufacturing output. SME finance and SME business funding are easy to come by for small enterprises.

In 2006, the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development Act (MSME Act) were created with the purpose of encouraging and developing India's micro, small, and medium enterprises. Multiple slabs are assigned for different industries, such as manufacturing, export, and services, and different small company loans are issued for different slabs. The MSME Development (Amendment) Bill, 2018, was proposed in an attempt to amend the Act, but it was greeted with resistance from numerous political parties and a few business organisations, and it is presently in limbo. MBA colleges in Bangalore accepting PGCET

This Act encourages small and medium-sized businesses to register as such in order to take advantage of the Act's various services. If you register, you will be eligible for the following benefits under the Act: Bank loans and SME loans are easily approved, as are subsidies and incentives.

There are 42.5 million SMEs in India, and 43 per cent of them sell and advertise themselves on the Internet. With the help of online retail outlets, SMEs operating in even the most remote corners of the country may reach a nationwide market. SMEs can benefit from the government's E-Marketplace and other digital platforms by attaining economies of scale.

The greatest benefit of fostering small-scale industries and small enterprises is that they create jobs without requiring considerable government intervention. SMEs promote urban and rural development while also raising people's living standards. SMEs can function in villages and small towns due to cheap investment needs, easy access to small business loans, and a lack of experience.

There was a period when the public sector provided a significant portion of job growth. In fact, when opposition political parties accuse the government of failing to create enough employment, they frequently use data from public-sector firms.

The most significant benefit of fostering small-scale industries and small enterprises is that they create jobs without requiring considerable government intervention.

Both urban and rural growth is aided by SMEs. In general, SMEs contribute to the Indian economy in the following ways:

  • Goal Increase employment 
  •  Lower poverty rates 
  • Close the income gap between urban and rural areas 
  • Reduce migration 
  • Promote regional development 
  •  Boost exports 
  •  Lower pollution levels 
  •  Increase production 
  • Increase people's buying power 
  • Improve overall quality of life

Big firms and industries frequently find it logistically impossible to establish themselves in rural regions, and even when they can, they limit themselves to specific industrial and commercial zones.

These restrictions do not apply to SMEs. Small enterprises can function in villages and small towns because of cheap investment needs, better access to small business financing, and often even lower skill, raising people's living standards in the process.


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