A Full-Time MBA with a Good College can be the Shining Armor

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 10/07/2017 06:53:52

Studying for an MBA requires a huge investment of time, money and energy. Hence, choosing the right MBA College can be a rigorous task. Before making final choices always visit the campus to get a glimpse of its culture and atmosphere to see whether you can fit in. talk to students, professors and alumni who have got jobs post their MBA from that college.

How can the students & alumni network be helpful?

This is just a simple tool for tool that can help you in choosing a good full time MBA college. Look at the profile of the students online, which will also let you look into their professional growth, their reviews about the college atmosphere will help you in getting a better inside view.

Find out the active alumni members and try and talk to them virtually if in person is not possible. Ask them to share their experiences about their campus life, projects that they worked during their full time MBA and make notes of it. This can be a great help for you to know that you are choosing the best college for your MBA.

Academic Community:

With the whole world active on popular social media websites, getting to know about different colleges offering good full time MBA is now easy. Academic community can be a strong discovery to know more about the college’s diversity and the caliber of the faculty. You can always post your doubts on the student’s achievement post their full time MBA from the particular college. You could also know the different teaching methods like live studies, real time situational cases and much more. Whether opting for the particular college has benefited them in their real life too.

Location & Cost:

If you intend to study overseas, then work on whether the cost of living is manageable along with your studies. Consider the market value of the full time MBA degree, career opportunities and whether that degree holds value globally. It is essential to know that the amount of money and time invested in your MBA degree should be fruitful in future, whether you choose to study in India or abroad. Students to choose right MBA Colleges in Bangalore, Noida, Delhi NCR, Kolkata etc.

Global experience:

A lot of students look for a full time MBA program that can give maximum global exposure. Studying and undertaking internship anywhere globally can improve your understandings of job markets and trends. If you plan to peruse a full time MBA abroad, always seek for employment opportunities and visa regulations. Consider those colleges that are partnered overseas for you to have a global experience.


Another big question arises while you choose a good full time MBA college is its reputation in the market. Always look for certified colleges that are university approved and have a name in the market. When looking at the rankings check the methodology to see whether it fits with your values.

Course format:

Always look into the programs that are offered for a full time MBA. Look at the specialization that is beneficial for you over the next 2 years of your full time MBA. Not to forget the general and specialized courses can be beneficial for you post your full time MBA.

Career prospects:

Last but not the least, check out the school’s employment record and see what sort of jobs were offered and where the students are placed post their full time MBA. Whether pursuing your full time MBA with that college gives you your future goals.

We hope the above highlighted points can help you in choosing the perfect dream MBA College for you!



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