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Posted by Prof. Manoranjan H. P. On 02/09/2022 06:24:29

On the fifth day of the MOM programme, Prof. Manoranjan H. P., the placement officer at IIBS, led a placement orientation session for students in the MBA 2022 batch. The goal of the session was to raise awareness of the IIBS internship/placement process before moving on to creating a LinkedIn profile. Top MBA colleges in Bangalore

Students were given an overview of the IIBS Placement Process, which included Off Campus, On Campus, Pool Placement Drives, and Internship Drives with Pre-Placement Offers (PPO). He discussed with the students the job descriptions of various sectors such as BFSI, FMCG, IT, and Non-IT. Following that, a Self-Branding Session for Students was held, emphasizing the significance of Communication Skills, Soft Skills, and Other Interview Skills. Then comes Linked In Profile An explanation and demonstration of student LinkedIn profile creation and updating were provided. best MBA colleges in Bangalore


Students received instruction on the corporate skills needed, self-introduction, resume building, and the IIBS placement/internship process.


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