A Step by Step Approach to Choosing a Good MBA College

Posted by IIBS Business School On 17/06/2017 05:32:32

Time to take that big leap; this can be your turning point in your career. Choosing a Good MBA College from so many different cities of India. Offering exciting MBA programs, selecting a good MBA college can be a task. By following few steps below, you should be able to complete the MBA admission process successfully matching your criteria to get into a good MBA college.

Step - 1: Why do you want to pursue MBA? 

After wandering around, you finally decide that this is the right time to do an MBA. The basic and the most important question you need to think is, ‘why do want to do an MBA?’, ‘do you wish to change your current job role in the industry?’, ‘are you looking for a complete career shift?’. After sorting out on these questions, start looking for your local best rated MBA colleges, take advantage of their alumni network and their career track growth post their MBA.

Obviously, you will find too many answers to your questions. Start writing entries in an MBA diary, a good habit to get into the rest of the MBA work. One of the first entries to any MBA college is your GMAT score.

Step - 2: Career goals.

Getting in to a speedy selection process of top MBA colleges, always think of a future prospective of the location of the MBA college, whether you wish to work in that location or country. Not to forget the culture views and trends before you decide on selecting a good MBA college.

In short, your choice of location can depend on the industry you wish to work and peruse a successful career.

Step - 3: Setting the right focus.

Some people by birth know what they wish to be in their life. Identify your strengths, whether you want to be an entrepreneur or you wish to work for a top-notch company. Doing an MBA with a reputed college can help you achieve your dreams and goals.

Once you are aware of your skills, set the focus by choosing the right MBA specialization in your second year. This will give you the core strength to understand where your interest lies and how can you mould yourself to be a part of the big companies.

Step - 4: Full time or Part time MBA.

If you want to advance from your current career situation, then a full-time MBA is the ideal choice.  You will find ample time to study and stay focused throughout your 2 years of MBA. You will improve on various skills like team building, communication, intense learning etc…
On the other hand, nothing should stop you from considering the alternative solution- part time MBA. Part time MBA colleges offer programs ideal for professionals who don’t want to give up their career but thrive to success for more. This option is for those professionals who want a complete advance career shift.

Step - 5: National or Global school?

To sum up the experience of an MBA raises an interesting question of what kind of MBA College will uplift your career. You could choose a moderate MBA College that offers you a global exposure for you to understand the trends of national and international markets.

Step - 6: Return of Investment:

How to enhance the return of investment of an MBA College is a million-dollar question. Fortunately, ROI is indeed a rapid measure for graduates who will know their average years to spend on their studies.

Step - 7: Rankings of top colleges:

Always make a list of top MBA Colleges in your areas before finalizing on the best. In addition to this, MBA aspirants are advice to use the tools to have a good MBA search.

Step - 8: Contacting schools:

It is advisable for MBA students to contact the B schools directly to know their admission process well in advance so that you are not too late to submit your forms on time.

Step 9: Confirming your selection:

Your MBA diary is now filled facts and figures. Now is the time for you to make your selection and confirm your choices. Select at least 2 best MBA colleges for you to always keep your options open.


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